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Danica Milošev, Ugo Matulić i Gospa Sinjska...

15. kolovoza 2006. godine


Danica Milošev (1922-2002) je dala ovu sliku Gospe Sinjske, Webmeštru www.almissa.com, da ga čuva daleko od rodne grude.

/Omiš, 1998. godine/



On August 7th, 1715 the Turks has been started to attack Sinj. The Turkish army under leader of Mehmed Pasa were numerous and better armed than Sinj brave defenders. The battle was finished on August 15th, 1715 and brave heroes of Cetina district finally beat tremendous Turkish military. Defenders of Sinj were convinced that Our Lady Mary (Miracle Painting from the Sinj church) gave them strength for glorious victory. Also, Turkish army was significantly weakened by difficult disease which was raging among them. All were convinced that is also God’s deed. It is written the Ottomans saw the women in light and were frightened by it. That`s why in town of Sinj, the holiday of the Great Lady Mary (Velika Gospa) on August 15th, is always specially respected and celebrated. Special pride in their achievement was taken by the surviving defenders who in commemoration of their victory instituted the Alka tournament.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




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